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Quantum Healing is a return

to an optimal state of balance in our system.

A state of feeling whole and complete.

Quantum Energy Healing is the gentle art of clearing cellular memory through the human energy field promoting a perfect realignment of the physical, emotional, mental and the spiritual body in a holistic way. It is the conscious act of connecting to and directing Universal Energy/Life Force and it is a  highest expression is the frequency of unconditional love.

Such energy is extremely high in vibration/frequency and it acts as a “clearing agent” that supports energetic flow.

It encompasses many techniques and traditions and since ancient times it’s been known to be a successful approach to wellness that can revolutionize any life regardless of age and gender.


​Since the body is made of energy and it has a powerful and a natural ability to restore and heal itself, we work along with it by sending bio-magnetic signals to energy portals and energy field to clear all unnecessary blocks. You will then be attuned to higher frequencies than you have ever carried before bringing healing that are often instantaneous and tend to be life long and attracting more positivity in situations and people around you.

Mima simply connects and interacts with your vibration frequencies so called “light energy” and the healing starts to flow often felt like tingling sensations, bright light, relaxation, feeling of warmth, ease, comfort and an incredible heart opening sensation.

There is no limitation to what can be treated with Energy healing, since the body, mind and soul are interconnected, the healing  clears and restores the body energy regardless of the symptoms you may feel or have.

Some benefits of energy healing include:

  • deeper sense of peace and calm

  • shift in dynamic in relationships (people or situations)

  • enhanced creativity flow and problem solving

  • rise in one’s own frequency (eg. elevated mood)

  • enhanced levels of awareness

  • accelerated personal and/or spiritual growth

  • emotional release and healing

  • enhanced ability to perceive beyond the 5 human senses

  • enhanced feeling of being grounded

  • pain relief or reduction (especially with regards to chronic pain, transformation of relationship to pain)

  • greater ability to manage stress (stressful situations become easier)

  • improvement in one’s immune system (greater resistance to illness and ability to heal faster from sickness and injury)

  • ability to more deeply relax and all the benefits (physical, psychological and emotional) that come with being a more relaxed being

  • and many more……

Distance healing is as equally effective as in person healing, Quantum physics has proven that time is neither fixed nor linear. The frequencies do not travel in distance it is simply  ''channelled -sent-received'' at the exact same time by intention alone. 

NOTE: Pregnant women, people with a pacemaker or people having a flu/cold are not eligible to have Energy Healing sessions.

Session Details

45 Minute Private Session - AED 700  (including VAT)

Cancellation Policy 

Your reserved session can be rescheduled with a 24 hour notice. When a session is canceled without adequate notice, we are unable to fill this time slot by offering it to someone else on such short notice, therefore your session will still be charged in full. 


Late Arrival Policy

Late arrivals will finish at the original booked time to avoid delaying other sessions.

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