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Tarahum for Gaza

License numbers: PRHCE-002154359 and PRHCE-0021554


Sunday 29th October, 2023


The yard - Alserkal Avenue

This event is one of the biggest group meditation ever done to support an important cause.

In solidarity with the devastating events happening in Palestine, 100% of all the revenues of this guided Full Moon Meditation will be donated to the Red Crescent -Tarahum for Gaza-

to help children and all the defenseless and innocent victims.


Join us to meditate together under the full moon light and to channel her magical energy to heal and soothe the pain, anger, frustration and all the low vibrations we have been feeling lately.

We will also, be harnessing our collective energy to send our powerful healing light and high vibrations of hope, freedom and a better future to all Palestinian people.

Make this event unforgettable by contributing in your presence or by your donation if you can't physically make it or if you live abroad, your gesture counts, it will certainly put a smile on one or more children's faces.

Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring your own yoga mat and water bottle & a pillow or blanket if you wish to be comfortable.

Kindly come 30 min in advance for registration, so we can start the event on time.

Event Details

1 Hour Event  - AED 160

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