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full moon lunar eclipse


Wednesday 26th of April, 2021


The Retreat the Palm Dubai by Sofitel

As a Supermoon, it is the biggest, brightest and most powerful full Moon of 2021.

It is also the only total lunar eclipse in 2021, and it is happening on the Wesak day, which is

the day that honors the Buddha's enlightenment.

When we meditate on this day, it is like we have been meditating for 2 months straight, and when in a group, we are harnessing and creating a gigantic powerful and tremendous amount of collective energy, sending divine light healing energy, and loving kindness to our loved ones, family, community and further to the whole humanity.

This moment offers greatest opportunities for not only to cultivate personal benefits but also to take part in the manifestation of the Divine Plan on earth. 

The World needs our prayers and love now, and together we will hold a field of peace, courage, power, expansion, love, compassion, clarity and possibility, supporting each other to embrace our fears, tears, grief, and also empowering one another to stay awake, hopeful and inspired to trust the infinite possibilities of transformation, brighter future and Global Healing.

Please bring your own yoga mat.

Event Details

1 Hour Event  - AED 120

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