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Mima's journey as a healer started a decade ago when she faced some painful challenges in her life both emotional and health related.


Her quest to learn, shift and change her life has led her to continuously attend several courses, talks, seminars & workshops from Soul Evolution,  Energy Healing to Mindset Shifting.

She is certified in Theta Healing, Quantum Energy Healing, Reconnective Healing, Hypnotherapy, Cognitive behavioral Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Program (NLP) and other healing modalities including Mind Shifting and Cognitive Healing Therapy, ever since, her life has naturally taken a new path towards assisting others find themselves.

As her achievements and recognition grew nationally and internationally over the years, her healing  methods evolved into a medley of different modalities fueled by her own powerful intuition and Divine Guidance.

Mima believes that awakening oneself level of acceptance and awareness​ will automatically allow a magical transformation. 

A dedicated mother of two and originally from Morocco, she enjoys living in Dubai where she does her one on one private sessions, online sessions and runs group guided meditation sessions, workshops, seminars and retreats. 

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I welcome you with open hands and heart by offering my best intentions, my calling and my passion leading you to stepping into your new exciting journey.

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