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 Intuitive Guidance Reading

assists you in your personal growth and empowerment

This insight can be a valuable tool you can use to move your life forward

It is based on following certain spiritual principles that assist you in examining some deep inner truths and have clarity about your inner-self and your actions in order to create your desired outcome..

We all have intuition. It is one of the many things within us that has allowed our species to survive as long as it has. Mima's goal is to guide you to a place of clarity and understanding on how to move forward holistically in the direction of your highest good. 

With the support of Oracle Cards and her Spiritual Guidance, a session empowers you as you are presented information to help you find clarity and discover new choices, solutions about a specific or a challenging situation. 

Anything discussed with Mima during a session is absolutely confidential. No records are kept. The information you receive is strictly your own.  Her aim is to help you make the most of your life.

Session Details

1 Hour Private Session - AED 500 - USD 145

Thank you so much for your guidance! It brought so much clarity and shed light on some major situations...

I am sure I will be reaching out to you again, real soon!

Nick, United States