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Tuesday 11th of May, 2021


The Retreat the Palm Dubai by Sofitel

The New Moon marks the starting point of the lunar cycle making it a powerful time for beginning and attracting new things into our lives. This guided meditation is in the sign of Taurus which is grounded, reliable, and steady, and it is a perfect opportunity to set clear intentions to attract and manifest abundance, and plant them deep into your consciousness to create a life you love.

This meditation has been designed to clear the blocks stuck in your aura and chakras, which will rebalance your entire system along with boosting your abundance vibration to get you into alignment to fulfill your desires.​

This healing journey will also help you feel relaxed, peaceful and abundant. You will be in a state of loving kindness, a state of positivity and open receptiveness.

Please bring your own Yoga mat.

Event Details

1 Hour Event  - AED 100 - USD 30

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